01235-6 - E-Z Runner REFILL - ULTRA - permanent

Datum 14-03-2018
Groep E-Z runner refill
Omschrijving E-Z Runner REFILL - ULTRA - permanent
Ref.op verpakking 01235-6
Kippers ref. 111040
Barcode 093616012352
Merk 3L Scrapbook Adhesives
Maat / Inhoud 13m
Adviesprijs € 3,75
Publicatie Inspiratie 3 - 2018

E-Z Runner® Ultra Refill (42')


The E-Z Runner® Ultra is a strong, double-sided, permanent adhesive. This clear line of adhesive is immediately tacky and perfect for use on mixed media, paper construction such as boxes, books and other 3D projects.


For use in the E-Z Runner® Ultra Dispenser and all the E-Z Runner® dispensers.


  • 42ft of transparent permanent, adhesive
  • Color coordinated refills for each adhesive type
  • Embellish to Wear Your Adhesive on the Outside
  • Economical, value priced refills are easy to change, easy to use, and easy to dispense!
  • Environmentally friendly with recyclable refill cartridges.


To refill: Remove clear protective cap, separate casing by pushing thumbs into tab at bottom. Lift off the top, remove old refill, position new refill, then align casing and gently push closed. Replace clear protective cap when not in use.