1234.602.36 - Staal

Datum 13-04-2018
Groep Inka-Silk
Omschrijving Staal
Ref.op verpakking 1234.602.36
Kippers ref. 123460236
Barcode 4042972144234
Merk ViVa
Maat / Inhoud 62,5gr
Adviesprijs € 6,05
Publicatie Inspiratie 3 - 2018

Inka Silk is an easy applicable wax paste with an silky matt gloss. Inka Silk can be applied to almost any absorbent surface like ceramic, cardboard, wood etc. and candles.

  • water based
  • dries while polishing
  • suitable for candles


  • Protect containers from frost and heat
  • do not use Inka Silk directly from the jar

To avoid impurity and to secure storage life, do not use Inka Silk directly from the jar.


Load a small quantity with a clean spatula onto a dry sponge or soft cloth and polish with a gentle rubbing action until it is shimmering silky.