Colorall Transfer Medium

Colorall Transfer Medium

19928 - Transfer Medium
Colorall Transfer Medium


Transfer Medium

With Collall Transfer Medium you can transfer self printed pictures on all kinds of objects and materials. 


  • Print a mirrored image using a laserprinter. Cut out the picture, leave  1/8 " (3 mm) border around the picture.
  • Generously apply the Transfer Medium with a soft brush or sponge brush on the image.
  • Stick the picture (face down) on the object (e.g.t-shirt) and press firmly. Remove excess adhesive immediately with a damp cloth. Dry thoroughly, min. 12 hours.
  • Moisten the paper with water and allow to soak for about 10 minutes.
  • Rub off the wet paper using your fingers. The image is now visible, let dry thoroughly. Varnish the picture with Transfer Medium, fine paper layer (white haze) disappears hereby and it gives a beautiful result.
  • To use on textile, ceramic, glass and wood.


Textile: Hand wash only. Maximum washing temperature 30 C.